Here we show you the English Translation of “La Mejor Versión De Mi Remix” interpreted by Natti Natasha feat. Romeo Santos. Lyrics translated from Spanish to English.

About This Song

  • Artist: Natti Natasha
  • Featuring: Romeo Santos
  • Song: La Mejor Versión De Mi Remix
  • Translation: The Best Version of Myself (Remix)
  • Genres: bachata
  • Album:
  • Release Date: October 4, 2019

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Important note: Lyrics may be changed in some parts of the song in order to give the best meaning on its translation from Spanish to English. This means that the English translation is not a literal translation from its original language and some words may change to maintain the meaning of the song.


English Translation

[Verse 1: Natti Natasha & Romeo Santos]

The best version of myself, you didn’t know it
‘Cause you always stopped me with your lousy attitude
I could never be myself for loving you on your way
I even forget of being myself
Let me finesse this track (Remix)

[Verse 2: Romeo Santos]

The best version of you, I didn’t deserve it
I recognize every failure, I spoiled your heart
For a complex of being a king, my devastating way
I ignored your crown

And now the roles have changed, my luck is over
The tears I have caused, I more than pay for them
For my dictatorship, for my nonsense
I end up in a remix suffering for losing you

I’m here
Looking at your best version

It’s life’s karma, look at what I deserve
Now that you are no longer mine, I’d marry you
I wasted your time, I ruined your story
You were too much and I was a little thing

Natti, I’, here
Looking at your best version
I made you suffered
You lived with my worse version

[Bridge: Natti Natasha and Romeo Santos]

(Dance batacha to me)
Ha, okay
Natti Nat
Ayy, mami, I wanna die

[Pre-Chorus 1: Natti Natasha]

But my time came and I wanted to be stronger
And now I’m conviced that I must not see you
That I lost my time, while you won
‘Cause I’m worth it much more than you thought

[Chorus: Natti Natasha & Romeo Santos]

And now I’m here (I know I lost you)
Enjoying the best of myself
Natti, don’t abandon me like this

[Pre-Chorus 2: Natti Natasha]

And why now that I don’t have you, I have a lot of other things
Now I start to enjoy a little bit more the roses
Please, don’t insist, don’t even think about it
‘Cause I already know that you never fulfill what you promise

[Chorus: Natti Natasha & Romeo Santos]

And now I’m here, enjoying the best of myself
Natti, I’m here, I don’t deserve your best version

[Outro: Natti Natasha & Romeo Santos]

The King
F**king feeling

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